Personal Loans / Personal Line of Credit

Sometimes you need money, like, now. And there's nothing faster than a personal line of credit from CP Federal. Like a credit card, the funds are approved ahead of time, for whenever you need them. If you don't need the funds right away, no problem. You only pay interest on what you use, when you use it. It's a great way to be prepared for anything.

  • Tap into a convenient, anytime source of cash
  • Convenient alternative to a lump sum term loan
  • Competitively low rates
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Can be used to finance a wide range of one-time or ongoing needs
  • Immediate access to funds
  • Reuse without reapplying
  • Meet needs without cutting into personal savings
  • Interest charged on only what you use
  • Local decision-making and processing right here in Mid-Michigan
  • Customized, friendly service from our experienced lending team

Borrowers must be of legal age to apply for a loan.