Services & Tools / Using Teller 24

To get started with Teller 24, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Call 517-784-5669 or 800-252-4831.
  1. When you enter Teller 24, you must enter your user ID, which is your member number (no suffix numbers) followed by the # sign, along with your personal access code followed by the # sign. 

PLEASE NOTE: The first time you use the Teller 24 system, you will need to contact the Credit Union to obtain a temporary access code. You will then be instructed to select a new personal access code.

Once you enter the Teller 24 system you will be able to access your different accounts. The menu below will help you gain access to your different accounts!


How to Get Started...

Information you will need:

  • User ID: (Your member number)
  • PIN Code: (Your current PIN)
  • Ten Digit Phone Number: (The number you will call from regularly) 

Choose three (3) security questions:

  • Oldest sibling's birthday. (8 digits)
  • Youngest sibling's birthday. (8 digits)
  • The number of grandchildren you have.
  • The last four digits of your childhood phone number.
  • The age you were on your first date.
  • The number of pets you had before you were ten.
  • The numeric street address of your childhood home.
  • The number of schools you attended.
  • Your anniversary. (8 digits) 

Create a personalized message:

  • (You will speak this during enrollment, and it will be repeated to you each time you call.)

Create a new PIN:

  • New PIN Code: (Different than your old PIN)
  • Minimum PIN Length = 4
  • Maximum PIN Length = 8
  • No more than 2 repeating numbers
  • No more than 3 ascending/descending numbers
  • Cannot be the same as User ID
  • Cannot be the same as SSN