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Can your organization and CP Federal conquer the world together?!

All signs point to YES!

Becoming a Community Partner with us is a FREE benefit for your organization; a benefit that allows those in your organization, and their family members, to be eligible for membership with the CP Federal! What a great advantage!

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We can provide on-site visits to your organization to discuss all of the benefits that membership has to offer.

On-site openings:

Open any CP Federal account on-site

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for your employees with high deductible health care plans (HDHP)

FREE on-site financial education sessions on a wide variety of topics including:

Risk Management:

  • Identity Theft
  • Elder Abuse Awareness and Protection
  • Fraud Protection

Financial Planning:

  • Investing Basics
  • College Savings
  • Individual Retirement Plans
  • Market Fluctuations
  • Social Security

Financial Education:

  • Understanding Your Credit Report and Score
  • Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Kids and Money
  • And Many More!

Benefits for Employers

There is no question that the benefits a company offers play an important role in potential and current employee satisfaction. It goes way beyond the paycheck. One of the great perks to offer your employees is the availability of credit union membership. Add this free service to your employee benefit package and give your organization a competitive edge in attracting and retaining valuable employees.

Advantages for Employees

  • Better savings rates — since credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions, we are able to pay greater dividends on savings, CDs, and other deposit accounts.
  • Better loan rates — for the same reason, we are able to offer loans with lower interest rates.
  • Convenience — direct deposit, on-site member enrollment, free financial resources, and many more great conveniences.
  • Financial education — We'll provide on-site education sessions at your place of employment at no cost. Topics include (but are not limited to) identity theft, budgeting, and understanding your credit report.
  • Membership for life — once someone becomes a CP Federal Credit Union member, they and their family can remain members for life, regardless off where they live or work.

Advantages to the Employer

  • Direct deposit — reduces payroll cost and risk of stolen or lost paychecks.
  • Morale booster — by providing financial services to help employees handle their finances.
  • Employer burden relief — a credit union gives employees an easy way to get low interest loans and other convenient financial services helping to reduce request for pay advances and loans from the employer.
  • Employee development — employees have the opportunity to participate as credit union volunteers, develop managerial ability, and other skills that benefit them personally and make them more valuable employees.

Get Started

Join more than 400 businesses and organizations that make up CP Federal Credit Union membership.

You can contact us, or call our marketing department at (517) 784-7101.