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A Letter From President/CEO, Chrissy Siders

Dear CP Federal Credit Union Members,

Now that we have had some time on our new system and I wanted to share with you a status report that addresses the following:

  • Why it was necessary to do an upgrade
  • Unforeseen issues and resolutions
  • Features and benefits

CP Federal Credit Union has been serving members on the same platform for the past 19 years. While the former system served us well, our products, services and delivery channels have expanded significantly. We have grown to serve 50,000 members, supporting 7 branch locations, with over 150 employees. We had outgrown our platform and it had become inefficient, limited, and costly. It was no longer supportive of the rapidly changing regulatory environment, our goals for future growth and the service expectations we wish to provide members.

After an extensive selection process that began in 2016, we chose our partner and a new platform called Episys. Then the journey began which encompassed all aspects of the Credit Union. This included all operations from credit cards to statements, all systems from ATM’s to Teller 24, and all areas from front-line to accounting. We provided extensive training for every employee and performed mock-conversions in which we completed all of our conversion steps, and tested our systems. Information was checked, double-checked, and re-checked again. We had maintained a “green light” status during all test phases and were well prepared for our conversion weekend.

They say the rocky paths often lead to the most beautiful destinations. Let me be the first to say, the system upgrade did not go as smoothly as we had hoped and was not without “a few rocks”. For that, I apologize, and I appreciate the opportunity that many of our members afforded us to make things right. While we have heard unexpected issues are typical when you perform a project of this size and scope, it was not our intention to disrupt your services. In spite of the rocks along the way, I am deeply proud of our team. They jumped into action to research and problem-solve issues as they arose and worked with members to provide solutions. Below are some of the “rocks” we experienced during the upgrade and an update on their resolution.

Debit & Credit Cards: Members experiencing intermittent issues with approvals.

Status: Several issues members experienced were due to transaction limits that are necessary when we perform system maintenance. Other items were related to specific cards issued within the months prior to conversion. All known card issues have been resolved and we continue to monitor the program closely in order to ensure consistent service.

Mortgage Account: Mortgage information not displaying in home branching, and members unable to transfer or see the mortgage loan in their joint account via home branching or mobile channels.

Status: Joint members will soon be able to see the mortgage account and have transfer functionality restored in Home Branching within the next week. We are working to display mortgage information inside the mobile app for joint members, stay tuned for progress.

Home Branching: Does not show linked accounts, cannot perform some transfers, unable to see pending transactions and some auto transfers are not working.

Status: We are able to adjust your settings to show your linked accounts, if there are accounts you would like to see in your summary, please contact us and we would be happy to set this up.

Pending transactions are viewable under a new feature called “Holds” on the account summary page. You can now see upcoming ACH transactions like tomorrow’s direct deposit in your “Holds” feature as well.

The auto transfer item has been resolved. When we changed systems the accounts defaulted to the due date and/or original payment date of the loan. If a member customized the automatic payment setting to a different payment or date, it was overridden. We have adjusted these settings back to the member’s preference.

Mobile Banking: Alerts not working, accounts and pending transactions not functioning like they used to, remote check deposit automatically going to savings and unable to use bill pay.

Status: We have addressed these items with our 3rd party vendor and are working toward solutions one-by-one. This is a high priority item as we know how important remote access is for our members. The items listed above will be back on-line as soon as possible.

Double posting of transactions: During the month-end process some members had debit transactions post twice.

Status: Once discovered, the team worked to reverse and correct the transactions as well as remove any fees that were assessed. 

Now let’s talk about our beautiful destination and the features and benefits we are gaining with our new system. Our new platform provides many benefits to both member and employees. Below are just a few of the immediate benefits gained on our new system, and some of the features that will be available in the future.




Employees have access to a comprehensive view of member information in one screen vs. having to search several screens

Members can now see pending ACH/Payroll transactions in their account

Platform will allow us to offer EMV “chip” card technology (coming in 1stquarter 2018)

Several processes that were manual are now automated such as month-end processes, reports and more

Members loan and account applications submitted on-line are now automated with instant approval functionality

New Teller 24 platform offers a card activation feature, current rates, and request a snapshot of account activity to be sent securely via email.

More powerful and robust platform that allows for speedy transactions and streamlined processes

Ability to have receipts emailed vs. printed

Supports Samsung Pay and Apple Pay (planned for 1st quarter of 2018)

While this new system allows for significant increases in efficiency, it is important to remember that it will take time and practice for our team to master everything Episys has to offer.

Please accept my deepest appreciation for your patience while we work to resolve the outstanding items on our to-do list. I recognize this journey was rocky for some of our members and appreciate you sticking by us as we work together toward the destination of our “WOW” level service commitment to members.

Warm regards,
Chrissy Siders
CP Federal Credit Union

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